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The right type of lighting can impact your home in more ways than you realize. It can enhance the color of your décor, provide warmth, space, and atmosphere, or it can be used to distinguish different functional zones in your home.

There are a lot of lighting options you can go with. Chandeliers make a real style statement in every room, especially when installed at the right height. At the same time, a ceiling fan with lights can change the ambiance of your home, while also improving your comfort level, especially during summer.

With clever planning, recessed lights have the potential to change the appearance of any room. They make the space feel bigger and create an artistic look as they project a pleasant down-light.

There’s also track lighting, pendant lighting, and so much more to choose from. Find whichever fits your style best and we’ll light it up for you.

Here are some of the most popular lighting upgrades you can bring to your home:

Increase Your Home’s Functionality To Experience A New Level Of Comfort

We’ve all been there. Every piece of furniture is perfectly placed in position but the outlets are too far away. You can’t find a convenient socket to plug the TV, phone charger, lamp, or laptop. The solution might be to add a tacky extension cord or start repositioning everything. Instead of doing that, though, you can choose to install extra outlets around your home.

At the same time, if you’re thinking about having more control over the ambiance in your home, smart and dimming lights are the best option to go for. Installing them brings you freedom to create various light scenes and enhance your visual comfort. Also, they help with optimizing power consumption, so you’ll be saving on your energy bills every month.

Have us handle your electrical work and you’ll discover how pleasant life can be with all the benefits of perfect outlets and the right lighting for your home.

How It Works

Whether you want new outlets, new lighting fixtures, or a complete rewire, choose a licensed and certified electrician for professional and safe installation.

Get In Touch

Give us a call so we can learn more about your project and your needs. We’ll give you a price and timeline estimate for your project and schedule an in-home consultation.

We Get To Work

We start with looking at your home’s system and layout to make sure we have a full picture. Then we get to work, installing and repairing as needed.

Enjoy Your Improved Home

Enjoy your new lighting upgrades and have peace of mind with a safer home. Get ready to feel relaxed and make the best of your newly improved space with your loved ones.

Lighting Upgrades Prices

We’re committed to delivering professional electrical services and expertise no matter the amplitude of the project.

Basic Lighting Upgrade*

Installing 4 recessed lights, a dimmable switch, a ceiling fan box, and power connections.

Medium Lighting Upgrade*

Installing 12 recessed lights, a dimmable switch, a ceiling fan box, and power connections.

High-End Lighting Upgrade*

Whole house lighting upgrade. Installing 44 recessed lights, dimmable switches, ceiling fan boxes, and power connections.

*The prices above are averages and may change depending on the materials, products, accessories, and installation complexity. Drywall repair not included. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique lighting upgrades project after the in-house consultation.


We pay close attention to details and offer reliable electrical services. Our purpose is to provide you with a safer, practical home with an improved electrical system. Take a look at the gallery below and feel inspired to transform your home.


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Lighting Upgrades

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What Our Happy Customers Say

Your home deserves a reliable electrical system. Discover what our previous clients say about their experience with us.


Rodolfo is consistently a professional! As I mentioned in my previous post about Rodolfo and WTL, I had him back for a new project, which was installing new lights around the house and repairing those on the decking. He did a great job!! Thanks much!!

Greg Bruce


Rodolfo was professional and honest about the work and materials that were to be used. I interviewed several electricians to finish a botched cabinet lighting job, he came in and told me he’s works on finding solutions.

The end result was nothing short of spectacular, we are so very pleased with the job and would use him for all our future needs.

Daniel Pit


Rodolfo was extremely responsive from the moment I requested a quote. He came out, provided a quote and was able to complete the installation immediately!

We also hit a little snag and he was able to suggest a work around and stay within the initial quote! He also cleaned up and put things back as he found them! Another star for that! I highly recommend WTL Electric!

Carolyn Seeger

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