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An electrical diagnostic is variable fee which covers one hour of diagnostic and up to one basic device swap and or loose wire repair. Generally most faults can be isolated in the hour window, but in rare occasions if fault is not isolated a 30 minute adder is an option to add more troubleshooting time. If technician can still not isolate the fault a thorough proposal and price will be given to run new circuit.

In a room with limited access 4 can lights can run around $1300-$1600.
This would include all cabling, four 6″ LED Dimmable lights along with a new LED compatible dimmer switch.
This excludes if needed any drywall repair.

Customer supplied ceiling fans can range from $946-$200 a piece depending on height of ceilings and if proper box is in location. The higher the ceiling’s the higher the price to install. When multiple fans are installed on the same trip, customers tend to see the lower price range.
Due to the many variables regarding installing a dedicated car charger circuit, a on site consultation is required. $269 which would include a thorough site inspection along with a written proposal with price. Generally an estimate can range from $540- $2500. This is really dependent on the site variables and charger specifications. Lower end pricing is generally favorable site conditions along with a single 120v circuit. Higher end pricing is usually associated with longer circuit runs from electrical panel and high demand chargers like 240v 60amp circuits. In some cases an electrical service change/upgrade is required if no room is left in the panel to safely install an additional circuit.
Due to the many variables from installing a hot tub or spa, an on sight consultation is required. $269 fee which would cover a thorough site inspection along with a thorough proposal and price. Home owners should be prepared to invest $1500-$4500 on their hot tub / spa projects. This generally covers all labor, material along with any associated permit and county inspection fees. In some instances an outdated electrical panel will not be sufficient to take on the new load, so a service change/upgrade is required to achieve a SAFE and code compliant install. This would be an addiotnal cost in addition to running the new circuit. Due to the dangers associated with water and electricity, it is imperative that this work be done ONLY by a licensed electrical contractor.
In standard 9′ ceilings, a simple customer supplied chandelier can usually range from $332-$200 per fixture, there is adder fees from $144 per fixtures for added complexity. 13’-17’ foot ceiling will require a ladder mobilization fee which is generally $450. Vaulted ceilings higher than those will require scaffolding and a detailed job walk.
Flush mount interior and exterior customer supplied light fixtures can range from $266 -$135 a fixture.
Yes, generally an adder of $450 per fixture should be expected for 13’-17’ ceilings. Taller ceilings will require a job walk to properly price scaffolding installation.
Customers should be prepared to invest $4,500 – $9,000. All dependent on site conditions. Price will cover all material, labor, permits, inspections , any coordination with utilities and fees.
The fire hazards associated with faulty wiring are a major safety risk in many Colorado homes. It is imperative that ONLY a Licensed Electrical contractor do any electrical work in your home. Not a DIYer, and not a handyman.
Under cabinet lighting is always a custom job. It is best to consider doing under cabinet lights when installing new cabinets or back splash. A $269 design and site consultation is required to give a job specific price and proposal, Home owners should be prepared to invest $1,500- $4,500 for their project. This should cover, added receptacle, switches, cabling, low voltage transformer, LED lighting tape and optional lighting track.

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