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Create A Welcoming Atmosphere In Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is no longer just a cooking area, it’s a place where your family gathers to dine, talk, laugh, and enjoy special moments together. It’s the new heart of the home. If you considered making it more welcoming to everyone, the first step is changing the lighting.

Even the largest kitchen can seem crowded by the lack of lighting. A chic chandelier will add character and some refinement, while providing a warm light with a touch of glamour. You can also complement it with accent lighting over the stove or over the table, or downlights to bring that sense of cozy embrace. You have limitless lighting options to match any architecture and design for your kitchen.

Here are the most popular kitchen electrical features and upgrades you can enjoy:

Bring Your Kitchen Functionality To The Next Level

Cooking at home is all about healthy and delicious meals that you make in your kitchen. As such, you probably rely on appliances to make food preparation easier and enjoyable: juicers, kettles, toasters, blenders, fryers, and coffee makers, just to name a few. One of the most common problems you’ve probably encountered as well is the lack of electrical outlets to plug in all those appliances.

By updating and adding enough electrical outlets, your life will get much easier, and your cooking much more pleasant.

Also, if you’re planning on adding new appliances, it’s really important to consider that little round lifesaver too – the smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It requires almost no maintenance and prevents thousands of fatalities worldwide.

Fires that start accidentally can have devastating effects, so you always want to be cautious. A reliable fire detection system will protect your whole family from accidents and give you that much-needed peace of mind.

How It Works

Whether you want new outlets, new lighting fixtures, or a complete rewire, choose a licensed and certified electrician for professional and safe installation.

Get In Touch

Give us a call so we can learn more about your project and your needs. We’ll give you a price and timeline estimate for your project and schedule an in-home consultation.

We Get To Work

We start with looking at your home’s system and layout to make sure we have a full picture. Then we get to work, installing and repairing as needed.

Enjoy Your Improved Home

Enjoy your kitchen electrical upgrades and have peace of mind with a safer home. Get ready to feel relaxed and make the best of your newly improved space with your loved ones.

Kitchen Electrical Upgrades Prices

We’re committed to delivering professional electrical services and expertise no matter the amplitude of the project.

Basic Kitchen Electrical Upgrade*

Replacing 5 outlets, 4 switches, 2 fire detectors, installing a new chandelier and 4 can lights, and a dimmer switch.

Average Kitchen Electrical Upgrade*

Minor remodeling, extending the electric circuits, installing a new chandelier, 6 can lights, 2 island outlets, replacing 5 GFCI outlets, 4 switches, and a dimmer switch.

High-End Kitchen Electrical Upgrade*

Complete kitchen rewiring, electric demolition, installing 2 new small appliance power circuits, new dishwasher and garbage disposal power, new microwave, and microwave range hood power circuit. Also includes installing a new chandelier, 6 can lights, 2 island outlets, replacing 5 GFCI outlets, 4 switches, and a dimmer switch, plus a smoke and carbon monoxide detection system.

*The prices above are averages and may change depending on the materials, products, accessories, and installation complexity. Drywall repair not included. You’ll receive an exact quote for your unique kitchen electrical upgrades project after the in-house consultation.


We pay close attention to details and offer reliable electrical services. Our purpose is to provide you with a safer, more practical home with an improved electrical system. Take a look at the gallery below and feel inspired to transform your home.


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We would highly recommend WTL Electric. Rodolfo was able to come out quickly and fix the issue we were having with the breaker to our stove. He also replaced some of our outdated smoke detectors that were overdue to be replaced.

He was professional and courteous and kept us informed along the way. We will definitely call him again next time we need an electrician!

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They provided exceptional service when my power went out. I had an emergency, power went out at 4am, I called around to many “24 hour” emergency service companies and WTL Electric were the only ones who treated it like an emergency.

They were at my out at 6:30am, quickly identified the problem and provided the correct solution.

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An Electrical Upgrade For Your Comfortable, Up-To-Date Kitchen